To rally their dying and dwindling base (Republicans have won one majority in a presidential election since 1988), the right has decided that they should distort what critical race theory is, and then claim that it is infiltrating America. When they lie and say critical race theory is about Black superiority, they point to the rise of the Biden-Obama coalition as evidence.

The logic is of course absurd on multiple fronts. Critical race theory is not about Black superiority, it isn’t being taught at the K-12 level even if it was, and white men remain firmly ensconced at the highest levels of power anyway. After all, the most powerful politician in America, as it has been for the entire existence of this country except one eight-year period, is still a white man.

But this is nonetheless an attempt to cancel King. To undo his fight, and the fight of the wider civil rights movement, to address the historic wrongs of America’s past and present. Every attack on critical race theory, from hundreds of hours on Fox News to legislation offered by Republicans in Congress, is anti-King. It goes against what he stood for, what he bled for, and what he died for.

If you’re against critical race theory and more Americans knowing about racism in order to counter it, you’re trying to cancel King.