Nestled inside a two-story industrial building in eastern Paris, the extraordinary Maximalist mini loft reflects a Nintendo and comic book filled childhood and the creative passion of its owner, architect Anthony Authié of Zyva Studio. The open plan living, kitchen and dining area is a large 4.2 metre high grey box, featuring furniture made by either Authié himself or his friends, including a wooden sofa with red leather cushions and a 3D printed coffee table inspired by the Super Mario game’s spiny Koopa Troopas. The fully metallic kitchen, with metal doors and grey granite countertop, was inspired by Batman’s Mr. Freeze, and features neon pink 3D printed door handles and four vibrant orange stools resembling the pipes in the Super Mario games. A staircase, which doubles as a wall for one side of the kitchen, leads to the bedroom where a curtain of yellow fabric creates the illusion of a large yellow box. Every inch of this 57sqm apartment features imaginative and personalised touches, making it a truly one-of-a-kind living experience.