Located at the top of a heritage protected building in one of Lisbon’s oldest industrial areas, the aptly named Marvila attic was completely transformed by KEMA Studio using sustainable, durable materials like fibre cement panels, metal and brick. Focusing on opening up the space and maximising natural light, KEMA removed all internal walls, creating an open-plan layout with seamlessly integrated kitchen, dining, and living areas. Nestled under the sloped roof, the living room features a full height storage wall, with a clever niche for a sofa that doubles as a single bed. A section of the kitchen is hidden within the living room storage unit and revealed by sliding pocket doors. The addition of 4 new skylights, two dormer windows and the clever placement of mirrors illuminates the space creating an open and airy atmosphere. With its clever design, this apartment optimises space and light without compromising comfort, making it a true gem in Lisbon’s industrial heart.