Chants of Sennaar is a 2023 adventure video game developed by Rundisc and published by Focus Entertainment. Players solve puzzles and minigames to translate fictional languages.

Players explore a structure inspired by the Tower of Babel full of people who speak fictional languages. Encountered languages must be translated through experimentation and puzzles. A notebook helps players translate words by showing all the context players have discovered around it, such as locations where it was encountered and non-verbal communication used alongside it during conversation. As players progress higher through the tower, they encounter new languages that must be translated.[1] Different languages have different calligraphy and different language characteristics: some languages signify plural as repeating the word (i.e. “doors” is written as “door door”), while others have a separate glyph for marking the previous or next noun as plural (i.e. “[plural] door” or “door [plural]”). Different languages also can have differing syntax, putting the predicate and subject in different places of a sentence.