Lowkey uncovers the powerful past of New York’s most famous racist ranter

Now we’ve all seen this footage of Stuart Seldowitz
abusing a street vendor in New York:
If we killed 4,000 Palestinian kids you know what it wasn’t enough.
But who is Stuart Seldowitz?
And what has he been a part of for all of these years?
Stuart Seldowitz the three-time recipient
of the State Department’s Superior Honour Award.
He served in the state department in their office of Israel and Palestine Affairs
as deputy director during the Bush years.
This Racist man had a role in managing the lie of the two-state solution.
The two State solution that was the subterfuge through which Palestinians
have been continually battered by years of Israeli occupation.
The PR drive around the world the mirage for a future that never existed
Stuart Seldowitz also was a national security advisor to President Obama.
The same President Obama who led the NATO intervention of Libya
which saw the country bombed 7,000 times in a 6-month period
that led to Libyans trying to escape and drowning in the Mediterranean.
His words are not just frivolous sentences coming out
of the mouth of a racist they are actual policy:
Mukhabarat in Egypt will get your parents, does your father like his fingernails?
they’ll take them out one by one.
When he speaks so easily of fingernails being removed by pro-Israel
and pro US dictators he is not simply using poetic flare.
He means people have their fingernails removed by those
who are merely sat traps of the US Empire.
What we heard on the streets of New York was an articulation
of what has been effectively US policy towards the region throughout the time
that that gentleman has been employed by the US state department.
But beyond the outrage and the immediate association of Stuart Seldowitz
with the US government Obama and Bush and bipartisan
necro politics of US Empire.
Let’s also look at the place that listed him as an employee at the time of his
harassment of this man on the streets of New York
Stuart Seldowitz was listed as an employee
of Gotham government relations this is a Lobby group fora that has very close connection to
the Israeli government Shai Franklin a key figure at Gotham government relations was simultaneously
employed by the Israel Kosovo Chamber of Commerce and has gone to Great Lengths to State his support
for Israel throughout this horrendous war on Gaza even helping to organize pro-israel
demonstrations that were attended by selwitz himself in addition to that you have the case
of Gary aaman a US Congressman registered as an employee of Gotham government relations now when
Gary akiman was in US Congress his relationship with APAC was so close and so well known that he
even intervened and assisted in the release of an Israeli prisoner of war you also have
Gotham government relations on record attending a celebration for Israel’s 70th Anniversary at the
United Nations alongside Danny Danon Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations you also have
Gotham government relations working for Donald Trump in his first presidential campaign and
during that time it was alleged that Gotham government relations paid actors $50 each to
be part of a cheering crowd for Donald Trump the president to be Stuart selwitz is not an
aberration he is part of a wider push across these last decades that have seen genocidal Wars visited
upon people of Western Asia the Middle East and further a field it has seen people of Afghanistan
eviscerated by NATO’s occupation it’s seen people of Iraq bombed with depleted uranium which would
ensure that future Generations were likely to be born in horrific circumstances and an increase
of cancer which was even larger than that left in Hiroshima the wars that Stuart selwitz and
his government exacted upon the rest of the world caused unspeakable human suffering and
so the ideas that we hear and revile at when he spoke them to a street vendor in New York
were not merely poetic flare they were actual policy Alternatives like Double Down News who
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