NEVER TOO SMALL: Architect’s Modernist Apartment Restoration, Melbourne 58sqm/624sqft

With its striking coral exterior, sky bridges and views from all four sides, Architect Ben Ellul’s apartment in the heritage listed Caringal Flats is a unique part of the suburban Melbourne skyline. Where possible Ben retained and restored all the apartment’s heritage details, maintaining white and textured surfaces but adding a series of sleek black contemporary joinery throughout. Inspired by the apartment’s views and abundance of natural light, Ben removed the internal walls originally closing off the bedroom, kitchen and entryway, adding a freestanding double sided storage unit that divides the bedroom from the living room. The bathroom and laundry are cleverly concealed by a series of doors leading to the bedroom and low custom made furniture throughout maximises the apartment’s functionality and access to views. A thoughtfully designed space that preserves the apartment’s aesthetic appeal, Ben’s home is functional first and foremost with a beautiful minimalist touch.