In Schöneberg, Berlin, interior decorator Kateryna has transformed a cosy 1912 apartment into an intensely personalised space without making any major structural changes. Creating separate living, dining and sleeping spaces within the apartment’s largest room has been neatly accomplished with the addition of a set of large IKEA cabinets that split the space in half between living and sleeping, allowing for a large amount of extra storage and display shelves, as well as serving as a bedroom closet. The entire room has also been painted beige to create a sense of openness, with tiled mirrors across the cabinetry to enlarge the space; an approach that also elongates the home’s entryway, where a vintage writing desk serves as both cat bed and additional storage. This vintage aesthetic continues into the kitchen and bathroom, where unique pieces complement Ikea cabinetry fitted with custom doors. For Kateryna, storage space and a sense of personality were key to living in a small home, achieved with patience and the right selection of furniture.