Dr. Ashish Jha, dean of the Brown University School of Public Health in Providence, said the delta variant “is far more contagious than any variant we have seen throughout this entire pandemic.”

“It also appears to be a little bit more deadly for people who get infected,” Jha told ABC News in an interview Wednesday on “GMA.”

“And what we are seeing is, while our vaccines seem to generally hold up,” he added, “we’re seeing a few more breakthrough infections.”

Since the start of the pandemic, the U.S. has reported more than 33.5 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 and over 600,000 deaths from the disease, according to data collected by Johns Hopkins University.

Although the daily number of newly confirmed COVID-19 infections continues to fall nationwide, there are some parts of the country that continue to struggle with pockets of outbreaks, particularly areas with low vaccination rates.