Becoming A Better Advocate with Erin Reed

Erin Reed (she/her) works tracking anti-LGBTQ+ legislation around the world and helping people become better advocates for their queer family, friends, colleagues, and community. Erin’s content has been viewed hundreds of millions of times with one goal: to achieve gender justice for queer and marginalized people through education and understanding. You can catch Erin on your TikTok feed discussing transgender rights and life on a random weeknight. You can see Erin’s informational social media posts on twitter and instagram bringing you news and information so that you can be a good advocate. You may find Erin on Google where her informed consent hormone therapy map has been used in millions of transitions. You can find Erin on NPR discussing her latest equity project. Or you may fight with Eirin in the trenches of legislative hearings on fundamental rights for queer and trans people. Wherever you find Erin, know this: She is here so that we all can achieve liberation and a better future. Let’s do that together.