Set in Tokyo’s Suginami-ku neighbourhood, home to many manga artists, Open Sky House is home to artists and architect Zajirogh, his wife, and their three children. Having always dreamed of living in a camper or a ship, Zaijrogh designed a large central open-air courtyard and covered it with a retractable sail-like sheet. The family uses the courtyard as a living room which is furnished with camping furniture that can get wet or be moved quickly if needed. A series of colourful walls line the courtyard, with precious items that need to stay dry kept behind a set of glass and steel sliding doors with another set connecting to the fully equipped L-shaped kitchen. The second story features space for the family to sleep, work and play and includes a 1sqm (small closet-sized) study that Zajirogh refers to as “his little sanctuary”. A door leading onto the balcony wraps around the open roof, this provides access to open and close the roof as well as an area for Zajirogh to paint freely without concern about mess.