The 16th-century “Florentine Codex” offers a Mexican Indigenous perspective that is often missing from historical accounts of the period. {read}

After centuries of remaining largely inaccessible to the public, a rare manuscript featuring 2,500 pages of detailed illustrations and text documenting the history and culture of 16th-century Mexico is now available online. The Digital Florentine Codex, a seven-year project by Los Angeles’s Getty Research Institute, features new transcriptions and translations, updated summaries, searchable texts and images, and more.


For the first time, the Florentine Codex is fully digitized and available to the public, giving us a critical window into the daily life of Indigenous communities in Mexico in the 1500s and the violence of their colonization by the Spanish. #Nahuatl #Nahua #IndigenousHistory #Codex #Rennaisance #Colonialism #MexicanHistory #Mexico #Art #ArtHistory

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